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Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Gretchen. I’m a 24 year old registered nurse living in a small New England town. When I’m not working as a periop RN, you can usually find me working on this blog or curling up with my boyfriend Tommy and a cup of hot tea. My two favorite things are food (of any type, I don’t discriminate 💁🏼) , and making lists (yes, I’m one of those!).Tommy and GretchenA little over 2 years ago, I joined the real world and started my career as a nurse. It’s been quite a journey that has taken a toll on both my physical and mental health. After a long shift, I would grab the nearest junk food and ruminate in my own stress. I would hardly ever exercise, but when I did it would be when I decided to go on some diet that I would inevitably not follow through with. I’m finally ready to say enough is enough and take care of myself by changing my lifestyle for good.

I’ve always been interested in homeopathic medicine and Ayurvedic practices, such as yoga and healing with herbs. I’ve decided to incorporate them into my daily life so that I can live with intention and build a healthy mind, body, and soul.

This blog was started not only as a way to keep myself accountable, but to also help others who want to change their life as well. Check back every Sunday and Wednesday for a new blog post!

So here on Chaos & Chamomile you’ll find:
  • Healthy recipes (and the occasional treat as well – it’s all about balance, right?!)
  • An out-of-shape girl’s journey to a fit life
  • Resources for living a healthy and natural lifestyle

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